John Higgins Killed in logging accident 1900

“A Man Killed

John Higgins Struck by Falling Tree at Wendling

Modern Logging in Oregon

Present day logging in Oregon Photo – Flickr SoulRidder.222


About 11 o’clock Tuesday morning John Higgins who has been in the employ of the Booth-Kelley Lumber Company felling logs near the Wendling mill, was struck by the limbs of a tree and injured, so that he died at 7 o’clock Wednesday morning.

In company with another man Higgins  was working  about two miles above the mill, and stepped on a log to await the falling of a tree which they had just chopped down.  Turning he saw that the limbs would strike him, and started to run along the log out of danger but was too late.  The limbs hit the man between the shoulders, knocking him down and an ax which was sticking in the log cut his arm quite severely.

Higgins was about 40 years old and so far as known at the mill, had no family.  He came out from the East several months ago.  Guard.”  Oregon Daily Journal (Eugene, OR) April 21, 1900 [Saturday], pg 5, col. 2.

It isn’t often that I can find nothing on an individual whose death was reported in the local paper. Given the short time the article said he had been in the area it only makes sense.  Perhaps some Higgins family is looking to whatever happened to John – and now they know.  Calculated death date would have been Wednesday April 18, 1900 and birth year about 1860.  GT

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