McClure – Powell Wedding 1903

Debs Leigh/FickrMr. Walter E McClure of Seattle, was married to Miss Amy Grace Powell of Astoria [OR], in the Presbyterian Church of that city July 8.  Mr. McClure is a native of Eugene and graduate of the University of Oregon and he and all of his brothers were raised in Eugene, and several of the boys many years ago worked in the State Journal office.  Horace is now managing editor of the Seattle Post Intelligence.  Henry F. and Walter E. are lawyers and are doing a fine business at their offices in the Horten-Dexter bank building. They have a great run in examining titles to land after the abstracts are made.  Land has been sold so often in Seattle that an abstract cost from ten to fifty dollars, and after it has been made it must be examined and endorsed by McClure & McClure.  Miss Powell is also well and favorably known in Eugene, being a graduate of the State University under Prof Dunn.  The Journal joins with their many friends in Eugene in wishing them success and happiness.  Oregon State Journal (Eugene), July 11, 1903, pg. 5, col. 2.

Wedding articles can be a great source of information about your family.  If these were my relatives I would also check her home town paper in Astoria Oregon and the Seattle Post Intelligence.  Wedding articles often provide important clues on names of parents, siblings and where they are currently living.

Searching Find A Grave for the Seattle area, I find both Walter and Amy Grace at Lake


Lake View Cemetery, Seattle Washington. Source Find A Grave

View Cemetery in Seattle, King County, Washington.

Amy Grace Powell McClure – died Dec 7, 1948, records show birth unknown – but the stone clearly shows 1869.  Walter A McClure 1868 – 1954.  Also on the stone is Henry Powell [McClure] 1904 – 1911 and David [McClure] 1910, both I assume were children of Amy and Walter McClure.  There is a large McClure stone surrounded by many other McClures.  Additional information about Amy – perhaps from the large family stone – “daughter of Henry Powell and Martha Brown wife of Walter McClure.”  Her parents are found buried at the Greenwood Cemetery in Astoria Oregon.  So the snowball continues to roll leading to more and more clues about this family and many more types of records that could now be searched.  If you haven’t looked for wedding articles for your family members you may be missing some valuable clues!

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