Junction City Oregon Items February 1887

flowers in snow

The snow is fast disappearing.
Quite a number of sick horses in this vicinity.
Alfred Cummins of Eugene is visiting at his fathers.
T.A. Milliorn lost a horse on Tuesday night; with the colic.
Miss Rosa Stannus will give an Elocutionary Entertainment on the 18th in the church
We are glad to say that Mrs. M.M. Ecclestion who has been sick for some time is much better.
We learn from Isaac Edwards that Mr. W.M. Pitney has a very sick horse, afflicted with spinal disease.
Rev. W.M. Houston, James Letellier and Miss Ella Howard went from here as delegates to the State Temperance alliance, which met in Salem on Wednesday.
About 25 persons from Missouri, all relatives and friends of Dr. Stone’s, are expected here about this first of March, they will settle or go into business somewhere in some county.
On last Sunday night a little daughter of Mr. Medscar who lives in Mr. I.W. Starrs house died, and was buried in the Millions grave yard on Tuesday, Rev. Houston preached the funeral in the Church.
There is said to be two families in this vicinity who are in very destitute circumstances and almost to the point of starvation. This seems to be a good opportunity for the Ladies Aid Society.
Old Uncle Billie Kent who has been afflicted for 15 or 20 years with consumption, is now in a very critical condition, and his death may be expected any day*. He himself think he cannot live much longer. Two of his grown boys have died since last fall. In their affliction thy have the sympathy of us all.”

Oregon State Journal (Eugene, OR) Feb 19, 1887 pg. 5, col 3.

A small town paper’s community section offered a great slice of live about what was going on in the communities where our ancestors lived.  Births of children, visits from out of the area family members, milestone events such as anniversaries, birthdays and weddings, those who were ill, moving away, etc.  always a great read and good source of hints about our family trees, don’t over look this source!

*His death was reported in the Oregon State Journal (Eugene OR), May 14, 1887, pg 4.

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