Webster Kincaid – Eugene Oregon Bicyclist 1894

1894 bicycleCass. Matlock, Howard Rowland, Frank Knapp, Earnest Gilstrap and several other young men rode bicycles  from Eugene to Harrisburg via Coburg and returned via Junction City last Sunday.  There were eight in the party including Webster Kincaid, a ten-year old boy, who made the journey of over 40 miles with less fatigue and in better shape than some of the young men who gave out and had to rest on the way.  They say Webster beats all the boys they ever saw of his age for strength and endurance in riding a bicycle.  He rode last summer from Salem to Wilhoit Springs and return, a distance of perhaps 70 miles.  In one day, about the hottest day  in the summer, making the whole distances in about eight hours, and stood the trip better than a majority of the young men who made up a numerous party.”

Oregon State Journal (Eugene OR) May 12, 1894, pg 5, col. 3.

I am a full time cyclist and have often thought of making this trip – in looking at pictures of bicycles in 1894, it doesn’t appear we have made much advancement on the road bike seats.  Eugene has many many miles of dedicated cycling lanes and paths.

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