Andrew Luce accidently shot – 1884

revolver“Accidentally Killed.

Another Case of Didn’t Know it was Loaded.

We hear some particulars of the accidental shooting of a young man up the Middle Fork, about thirty miles distant from Eugene.  As is usually the case the party who was handling the pistol did not know it was loaded.  From Dr. Jones who was called to attend the young man we glean the following particulars.  It appears that two young men were together at the residence of Andrew Luce, one a son of that gentleman aged 19 years, and another by the name of Thorn, 15 years of age, who parents reside in the vicinity of Cottage Grove.  Young Thorn was handling a 38 caliber pistol, believing it to be unloaded, when by some means it was discharged and the ball struck Luce in the abdomen passing into the intestines cutting several besides severing several blood vessels.  After intense suffering he passed away Monday evening just as Dr. Jones arrived.  The custom of carrying firearms is entirely too prevalent, and should be checked.”  Eugene City Guard, Nov. 15, 1884, pg. 5, col. 2.

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