Assault at Berry’s Saloon in Junction City Oregon 1884

“Assault.  Lastbar fight Monday at Junction City [OR], while Wm Pitney was standing in front of Berry’s Saloon, Ed Baber approached from behind and struck him over the head with a chair, which knocked him down.  He was prevented by bystanders from striking any more blows.  Parties then sought the City Marshal but it was some time before this individual was found.  In the interval young Baber armed himself with some rocks and threw them at his antagonist but failed to hit him.  He then seized a shot gun from a boy who was passing and snapped the same at Pitney a couple of times, but the gun being unloaded did not accomplish his aim.  Pitney then retired to his home uninjured to any great extent.  Baber then literally “took the town” for a time.  He then made his escape in the direction of Benton county.  Deputy Sheriff Cochran looked for the belligerent individual for several days but failed of getting any trace of him.   It is  said that Baber was quite drunk during the who proceedings.  The attack upon Pitney, we understand, was made on account of an old spite because that gentleman, who is City Recorder, had fine Baber several times.”  Eugene City Guard, Nov. 29, 1884, pg. 5, col. 5.

Buried at Rest Lawn Cemetery west of Junction City is an Edward Baber 1865-1910, whether this is the same Ed Baber.  There is also a William Pitney buried at Luper Cemetery, south east of Junction City.

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