Church Yard Quarrel Results in the Death of Elmer Wright 17 years old


“A Boy Murdered
At mill No. 4, near Yaquina City on Sunday evening, May 6, Bud Miller aged 14, son of A.J. Miller, and Elmer Wright, aged 17, became engaged in a quarrel which resulted in the death of the latter. The boys had a quarrel on the previous Sunday, over some trouble which arose during Sunday school, and came to blows over it. Last Sunday they met after Sunday school, when Miller who had procured a case knife and had it sharpened for the purpose, accosted Wright and asked him if he wanted to continue the quarrel of the week before. A few words were spoken, and Miller drawing the knife he had prepared for the occasion, plunged it into Wright’s breast. The blow severed the artery of his heart, and he died almost instantly, exclaiming only, “My God! What have you done?” Miller was arrested and taken to Yaquina City for his preliminary examination. W.R. Bilyeu of Albany went over as attorney for the defense. The prisoner was taken to Corvallis to await trial before the next term of the circuit court.”
Oregon State Journal (Eugene OR), May 12, 1888, pg 5, col. 5.

1880 US Census, Newport, Benton Co., Oregon citing enumeration district 8, sheet 100a shows a 10 year old Elmer Wright son of A W  and Sarah A Wright, living with his 5 siblings.

Note the previous post published prematurely – with incomplete information.


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