Drowning claims another Lane County Youth

WATER“Boy Drowned

Vernon Uttenger, the 14 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Uttenger of this place, was drowned in the slough east of town Thursday afternoon.

The particulars are about as follows:  Vernon Uttenger, Silva and Baxter Moore and Royal Cummins went over to the slough to bathe.  The place selected was a short distances below where the water leaves the river and empties into the slough.  The boys waded in the with the intention of wading as far as they could and then swim ashore.  They were wading backwards, Vernon in the advance as he was the largest boy in the crowd.  When the water had nearly reached his neck, he stepped suddenly into deep water and went down.  He came up strangling and apparently made no effort to save himself. He came up the third time and sank to rise no more.  The boys were powerless to help  him and were frightened witnesses to the untimely death of their playmate.  They could see his body in the water from the bank but it was beyond their reach.

Word of the sad event was brought to town and a large party went out to secure the body.  It was found a short distance from  where the accident occurred in shallow water.

This is a sad blow to the parents as the boy was his mother’s pride.  He was a good boy.  He was a member of the church and a faithful attendant at Sunday School.  The funeral service was held at the residence on Friday afternoon at 2p.m. by Rev McFarland.” Junction City Times (Oregon), Aug 5, 1899, pg 5, col. 5.


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