Jack the Ripper in Eugene Oregon 1895

jack the ripper“JACK THE RIPPER – This noted personage was in Eugene yesterday in the person of one Chas. Barker, who hails from the aesthetic hills and dales of Eastern Oregon.  While under the influence of some distilled spirits of nectar or some other equally soothing beverage, he wandered up the Minnesota hotel and informed the people that he was a”bad man” he also carried a vicious looking knife as if to back up is claims.  During the day he informed some of our citizens that he was “Jack the Ripper.”  In taking the man to the city bastile last night he got stubborn and laid down on the walk and waved his feet defiantly in the air at the officers of the peace who were accompanying him.  He got his molars fastened in Marshal Eastland’s leg and only the soothing effects of a “billy” applied to his head induced him to release his hold.  After he was left till this morning to recover his reasoning faculties he was given a trial before Recorder Dorrie this morning, who fined him $ 15 and costs, but not having of the realm, either of gold, free silver or redeemable paper currency, he will board the bill he has contracted at the expense of the taxpayers of this common wealth.”  Eugene Daily Guard (Oregon), Jan 22, 1895 pg. 4, col. 3.


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