Private Wm Cook first Lane County Casuality in Philippine War

war“Private Wm Cook Killed.

Dispatches from the battle in the Philippine war brings the sad intelligence of the death of Wm. Cook of this city [Junction City, OR], the first Lane county boy to fall in battle.  He was among the first to enlist and sailed across foreign seas in the first transport.  He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cook and was 22 years of age.  “Billy” was a good, quiet well behaved boy and his death was a crushing blow to the family.  They can have the proud satisfaction, however, of knowing that he died in defense of his country and his name will be inscribed among the heroes that gave up their life for the country he loves so well.  At the close of the war the remains of all the dead will be returned to their native states by the government.” Junction City Times (OR), April 1, 1899, pg. 5, col. 4.


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