Samuel Brown Sentenced to Death by Hanging

peppergrasss/flickr“Sentenced to Death.

Samuel Brown shot and killed Fred Kinkaid, last August in Oakland, Or.  He was tried and convicted, and Friday Judge Fullerton, after reviewing the case, pronounced sentence as follows:

“You have had a fair and impartial trial by 12 honorable and intelligent jurymen; you have been ably defended by attorneys of experience and skill; you have been duly indicted and convicted of murder in the first degree, for feloniously, purposely and of determined and premeditated malice, killing Alfred Kinkaid, August 13th 1894.  It is therefore ordered and adjudged that you be kept in close confinement in the county jail until Friday, February 15, 1895 and on said day, between 6 and 7 o’clock, a.m., be taken to a place prepared by the sheriff, in the jail yard, and then and there hanged by the neck until you are dead.”

Daily Eugene Guard (Eugene, OR), Dec. 24, 1894. pg 1, col. 5.



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