Linda Elizabeth Tope, 11yrs old dies May 18, 1880


Near Cottage Grove, Linda Elizabeth Tope, step daughter of Jackson and daughter of Elizabeth Jane Kyle.  Little Linda breathed her last on the evening of May 18, 1880.  She was 11 years, 4 months, 3 weeks and 3 days old; was a bright, innocent, sweet tempered little girl with more than ordinary intellect.  She was taken ill on the 11th and only lived till the 18th.  Her parents did not suspect her dangerous until two or three days before her death, when they sent to Eugene for her two older sisters, who arrived home too late to talk with their little sister, whom they had not seen for 8 or 9 months, for that had already began its work.  The death of the amiable and excellent little girl is severely felt by numerous circle of relative and friends.  As a daughter and sister her loss is deeply deplored.  But the tear of sorrow is almost dried by the reflection that she lived the life and died the death of the pure and innocent, and doubtless she is now enjoying that rest and happiness which is only enjoyed by the people of God.

Do not weep that little Linda

Is taken from a world of sin;

For she wandered to the portals,

And the angels let her in.


Listen! don’t you hear the little voice

Singing from afar

For the angels, in their gladness,

Left the “golden gate ajar.


Do not grieve because she left you.

In the brightness of the moon,

Ere she wearied of the journey,

Ere her feet had pressed the thorn.


Now she safe beyond the shadows,

With the angels all around;

You will know her when you meet her

By the brightness of her crown.


Then be patient, sorrowing mother,

Till your mission here is done,

For a little angel’s waiting

At the portals with a crown.


Oregon State Journal (Eugene, OR), May 29, 1880, pg. 5, col. 2.

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