Killed By a Cow – Tragedy Strikes Albany Oregon Family August 1898

Jersey Cow & Calf - Olrshaw“Albany Democrat August 30 [1898]:  Howard, the three year old son of George Prushaw, residing on one of the farms of Mr. George Roes [sp?], three and a half miles from Albany, was killed by a cow yesterday afternoon in the following manner:  The little fellow with his twin brother had gone to the barn to see a calf.  He was standing on the sill of the barn when the mother of the calf, a part Jersey, becoming worried, angrily butted the boy against the door of the barn.  The cow had been dehorned.  The boy walked to the house, said “good bye” to his mother and dropped over dead.  The suddenness and circumstances of the death elicited the general sympathy of the neighbors.  The Prushaws have been here only a few months from the East.”

Daily Eugene Guard, Aug 30, 1898, pg 1 col. 6.

Does anyone know about this family?  I have done a little online checking and haven’t been able to locate anything on them.


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