Junction City Fruit Dryer nearing completion Sept 1898.

plums“Times Sept 3:  Bushneil & Mahon expect to have the dryer ready to receive fruit Monday.  A large force of men have been at work for the past three weeks and every effort made to push the work to an early completion.  The dryer is one of the latest improved and will have a capacity of five hundred bushels of prunes for a twenty-four hour run, and nearly double that capacity for apples.  The building is 40 by 120 feet and is furnished with all the necessary machinery to handle the fruit to  its full capacity.  The plant will be more than able to handle all the fruit in this section but new orchards are coming in and in the course of a few years the fruit yield will keep the dryer at work day and night during the whole season.  This dryer will furnish a market for the large crop of apples which hereto for has yielded by little profits to the farmer.” Daily Eugene Guard (Oregon), Sep 3, 1898, pg. 1, col. 6.

Many of the orchards around this end of the  valley have long since gone away, but during this time period the were many orchards in the Southern Willamette Valley.  Many newspaper articles boasted of crop size, new fruit driers and rail lines that expanded the market to population centers around the United States.


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