Edward Brabham Dies Nov 25, 1895 in Hunting Accident

Mark/Flickr“Edward Brabham accidentally shot himself while out hunting near Springfield Monday [Nov 25, 1895]*. While getting over a fence the gun was accidentally discharged, the contents entering his side in the region of the heart. The young man was about 24 years old and unmarried. He was a brother of Mrs. John Carpenter of Monroe.”**

** I believe I found this obituary in the Junction City Times, but I cannot find it on my log.  I do see that his death was front page news in the Daily Eugene Guard on both Nov. 25 and Nov. 26, 1895.  This is a good reminder to always remember to record your source.  If you are printing it out at the library – write the citation on the front of the copy if possible. 

*Edward Lawrence Brabham was born in Illinois on Feb. 6, 1871 and died Nov. 25, 1895. Buried at the I.O.O.F. (Eugene Pioneer Cemetery) Block 95, along with 4 other Brabhams. I count a total of 14 Brabhams buried at the cemetery.

Having indexed several decades of deaths in Lane County, Oregon I still can’t believe how many people lost their lives from accidental gun wounds. Sometimes these deaths occurred while hunting as with Edward Brabham or simply by mishandling a loaded gun.


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