Fare Wars – 1895 style!

train“A First Class cabin passage from Portland to San Francisco can now be had for $12.  The steerage rate is $6.  This is a reduction of $4 in the cabin and $2 in the steerage.  The Oregon Railway & Navigation Company has made the cut in order to offset the rates now in effect between San Francisco and Puget sound points. It is not known how long the reduced tariff will continue, but presumably until the usual rates to and from Puget sound points are restored.

The Southern Pacific railroad will haul a carload of sugar fromSouthern Pacific Portland to Albany, 80 miles for 7 cents a hundred, $ 14 a carload of 10 tons.  From Albany to Eugene, 44 miles, the charge is 23 cents a hundred, or $ 46.00 a carload of 10 tons.  Can anyone wonder that our merchants, whenever possible, refuse to submit to this extortion and cold blooded robbery and haul by wagons from Harrisburg to Corvallis?  Other freight is about in like proportion.  It is enough to make a preacher swear.  — Guard.” The Junction City Times, Mar 30, 1895, pg. 5, col. 2.  I assume this article appeared first in the “Guard” (Eugene Guard) and was copied to the Junction City Times.  So it appears the writer was in favor of the passenger fares, but did not hold back on the cost of transporting freight on the local trains!



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