“May God Have Mercy On Your Soul” Brownsville Oregon Murders Nov 1895

 “May God have mercy on your soul”, pronounced Judge Whitney after sentencing Lloyd Montgomery to death for the murders of his parents and neighbor Daniel McKercher in Brownsville, Linn Co., Oregon November 19, 1895.

peppergrasss/flickr“Lloyd Montgomery, the murderer of his father and mother and Daniel McKercher near Brownsville on Friday inst has been unable to endure the weight of the terrible crime upon his mind and has made a full confession admitting that he killed all three of them.  The only motive that can be drawn from him for the commission of the awful deed was to satisfy his bad temper.  He says his father slapped him on account of some offense and that he shot him in revenge.  He then shot at McKercher and missed him, but as McKercher was running into the house he shot and hit him.  He then shot his mother as a desperate endeavor to conceal his other crimes.”  Junction City Times (Lane Co., Oregon), Nov. 30, 1895, pg. 5, col. 2.

His father – John B Montgomery born Sep 18, 1851 and died Nov 19, 1895 Brownsville, Linn Co., Oregon. Buried at the McHargue Pioneer Cemetery, Brownsville, Oregon.

His mother – Elizabeth Ann Couey Montgomery born Feb 24, 1856 and died Nov 19, 1895, Brownsville Linn Co., Oregon.  Buried at the McHargue Pioneer Cemetery, Brownsville, Oregon.

His neighbor – Daniel McKercher born May 2, 1861 and died Nov 19, 1895, Brownsville, Linn Co., Oregon.  Buried at the Crawfordsville Union Cemetery, Linn Co., Oregon.

Lloyd Montgomery was hung for his crimes on Jan 31, 1896. According to the website U.S. Executions he was 18 years old, making his birth approximately 1878.  At this time I do not know the place of his burial.

To read further details about this crime, see the article which appeared in The San Francisco Call., San Francisco California, Dec 20, 1895, pg. 4 image 4.


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