Goy Miller held up near Long Tom River

“Held Up

revolverGoy Miller met with quite an experience Wednesday evening.  He was returning from across the Long Tom when he approached the Taylor bridge, a man rode out and pointing his gun at Goy ordered him to hold up his hands.  He replied that he had no money but had a watch that he might have.  He was told to keep his watch.  Goy was ordered to dismount in water waist deep and walk out, leaving his horse.  The highwayman then said, “you are not the one I am looking for.”  Goy was then permitted to secure his horse and he hit only the high places coming home.

He says the robber was a tall man and rode a black horse with a high saddle and was either smooth shaven or wore a white mask.  The boy was pretty badly frightened and said the mouth of a revolver looked as large as the open end of a barrel.” Junction City Times (Oregon), Feb. 15, 1902, pg. 5, col. 3.

The 1920 US Census for Junction City (Lane Co, Oregon), district 254 lists a Goy W Miller who was born in 1886 (estimated). This would have made him 16 years old when this hold up occurred.  Given the uniqueness of his given name and his age – my hunch this is him.  He was born in Kansas.  In 1902 his parents are listed as Jacob H. Miller aged 60 yrs, born in Indiana and his mother Flora A. Miller aged 63 yrs was also born in Indiana.


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