Hop Growers Set to Organize October 1899



Hop Farms

Meet at Woodburn Wednesday Oct 23 [1899] at 10 Forenoon.

Salem Journal Oct. 23.

The indications are now favorable to the successful organization of a Willamette Valley Hop Grower’s organization at Woodburn next Wednesday October 25th.

The way the solid substantial farmers, who grow from ten to forty acres of hops are going into it, it is to be strictly a farmer’s organization for mutual co-operation and self-protection.  Every hop grower who can reach Woodburn next Wednesday, should be there.

It is a most critical time in the history of the hop industry in Oregon and some action on the part of the growers seems to be imperative at this time.

The custom of contracting a large part of the crop in advance, the formation of large combination by growers who are also dealers in hops.  The decline in production in New York, the quality and quantity in Europe.  All raise problems that require consideration and action on the part of the Oregon grower.” Oregon State Journal, Oct. 23, 1899, pg. 5, col. 2, University of Oregon’s Knight Library.

Suzies Farm


One of the first historical photos I saw of my Great Grandmother, Cinda “Ermon” Wheelock  Churchill, was her in the hop fields with a large wooden basket full of hops.  Hops were grown all over the Willamette Valley, including right here in Lane County.    Between 1922-1943 Oregon was the largest producer of hops in the nation!  Today in Oregon about 5,000 – 6,000 acres are cultivated in hops, producing up to 11 million pounds – 5% of the world’s demand.  Click here to read more about the history of hops in Oregon


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