Hoodlums Prank Could Have Been Very Serious – Feb 1881

A Dangerous Trick

Some dastardly hoodlum, who ought to be in a house of correction, amused himself on Wednesday evening by bending down a small maple tree across the sidewalk in front of Jerry Luckey’s property on Willamette Street and fastening the top of it in the fence.  It was so arranged that it would trip up any person who might run against it.  Misses Irene and Lulu Dunn passed along the street after dark, but happened to discover what they supposed was a small pole across the walk.  One of the young ladies stooped down to remove it, but no sooner had she touched it then it sprung up with great force, striking her a stunning blow in the face and her sister across the arm.  Fortunately, it was a glancing blow with Miss Dunn received, or she might have been killed.  The hoodlum who could take pleasure in arranging such a trip for pedestrians has certainly been neglected in his early training, and is a fit subject for public supervision.”  Oregon State Journal (Eugene), Feb. 26, 1881, pg. 5 col. 3.  University of Oregon Knight Library, Newspaper Collection.


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