Terrible wagon accident occurred near Peoria, Linn Co.,

“Terrible Accident.

A most serious accident occurred near Peoria, Linn county, last Sunday, the particulars of which are as follows, says the Standard:  While Mr. James Sherill, living near Halsey, formerly of Harrisburg, and by his family, were going to church near Peoria, on crossing a bridge over a slough, one of the planks being short, the off horse stepped upon it when it sprung up, scaring the horses, and causing the team to jump off on the opposite side, throwing the occupants of the wagon, numbering at least six persons, down the steep embankment, killing the daughter of Mr. Sherrill, aged 13 years, instantly, and seriously, if not fatally, injuring two other children, and severely hurting Mr. and Mrs. Sherrill, entirely destroying the wagon, and bruising the team.  There being a number of persons on the road going to church, prompt assistance was rendered the sufferers, who were made as comfortable as circumstances admitted.   The sad accident has cast a deep gloom upon the entire community, and the parents have the sympathy of the entire neighborhood in their loss of a lovely child and possible loss of two others.  Thus, without a moment’s warning, a loved one, just entering into womanhood, the pet of the family has been taken from the family circle, and the cause may be assigned to the neglect or carelessness of some road supervisor who has omitted to do his duty.  There are many such deadfalls all over the State, and this should be a warning to those whose duty it is to see that these traps are repaired.”  Oregon State Journal (Eugene), Aug 23, 1879, pg. 5, col. 3.  University of Oregon Knight Library, Newspaper Collection.


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