Lane County Oregon Game Laws in 1881


The game law came in force yesterday making it punishable by fine to take, pursue or destroy the different kinds of ducks, grouse, pheasants and quails. The penalty is $ 5 for each bird killed, and pot hunters and boys should bear in mind that there is a sportsman’s club at this place, one of whose objects is the preservation of game during the close season.

Anyone detected violating the laws will be prosecuted to the full extent.  Ducks are already nesting, while grouse, pheasants and quails will commence laying and incubating inside a couple of weeks, and hunters should surely give the birds a short rest of four months to replete their yearly diminishing numbers.  While this class of game birds is need to be protected at this season of the year.  Thousands of wild geese are swarming on the newly sown grain fields, doing great hurt in pulling up the young plants and eating the grain.  They furnish good sport, at the same time the hunter is benefiting the farmer.  The geese are in splendid order, a pair being shot last week that tipped the beam at 24 pounds.”  Oregon State Journal (Eugene), Apr 2, 1881, pg. 5, col. 4.  University of Oregon Knight Library, Newspaper Collection.


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