“China Pheasants being introduced to Willamette Valley – 1881


Last Saturday afternoon the game birds sent by O.N. Denny from China to A.H. Morgan arrived in this city and were taken to New Market, says the Telegram.  Of the pheasants all the females had died excepting two  from the long journey and being kept so closely in a cage.  In the evening arrangements were perfected to take them out and place them in another cage to be shipped to George Green’s farm on Willamette Slough.  While this was being done one of the male birds got loose and away he went out through the door to the top of the building, since which time it has not been seen.  The others were set at liberty on Sunday in the woods on the slough.  The sand quails and other birds were in good condition and will be distributed in various parts of the State.  Other parties will receive similar birds, which will be distributed through the State in the hope that they may in future furnish fine sport for hunters, as they are very strong and speedy flyers.  Oregon State Journal (Eugene) Mar 26, 1881, pg. 5, col. 3.  University of Oregon Knight Library, Newspaper Collection.

I grew up next to a large grain field and often remember  seeing China Pheasants – especially in the fall.  Their distinctive “whirring” call sets them apart from other birds.  They were introduced in Oregon over 130 years ago and quickly adapted to their new environment and have become a popular game bird.


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