“Bal Masque” – Friday evening Masquerade Ball – Eugene February 1879

“The private Masquerade Ball at Lane’s Hall last Friday evening was one of the most enjoyable affairs it has ever been our pleasure to witness.  About thirty five couples of maskers were present and took a lively part in the dancing while all the available space was occupied by spectators who seemed to enjoy themselves fully as well as the dancers.  A great number of novel and elegant costumes were worn on that occasion and as an inducement to the maskers to exert themselves in the selection of costumes and the faithful representation of characters some elegant chromos (!) were offered as prizes.  Minor Felch as a “carpet bagger” got away with the 1st gents prize, and Mr. Crouch as “Old Father Time” secured the 2d prize.  Miss Nellie Owens, “The Goddess of Liberty” secured the first lady prize and Rosa Golds-smith as Drummer Boy was awarded the second.  The music was excellent and both visitors and performers unite in declaring this the most successful party of the year.  The Oregon State Journal (Eugene, OR),Feb. 22, 1879, pg. 5, col. 2.


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