Cain’s body found

This is another example of how graphic news articles were back at the turn of the last century.  The newspaper spared no details in describing the condition of Mr. Cain’s remains found in the Willamette River some 25 days after he went missing.

This article is also an example of why it is important to document you newspaper articles! When I found this article I wrote down the citation on a separate sheet of paper then emailed the article to myself.  Unfortunately, after I printed it out – I did not write the reference on the copy.  Of course now I can’t find that sheet of references I made at the library.  In looking at my Newspaper Index I see the following entries:

Cain, Monroe, 18 May 1901,  pg 1, Upper Willamette OR – Eugene Weekly Guard

Cain, Monroe, 15 Jun 1901, pg 5, Hylands OR – Eugene Weekly Guard



“In Water Twenty-Five Days

Remains were badly Decomposed, the Nose Worn off, Face Bruised and Body Terribly Bloated.

Willamette River

R J and F A Hills came in from the Jap Hills logging camp yesterday bringing the news that the body of Monroe Cain, who was drowned in the Willamette above Lowell, Sunday, May 12, was found Thursday at noon, at a point 1 1/4 miles below where he lost his life.

Ever since the day of drowning, friends have let no day go by without looking for his body.  Thursday, John Cain and Ola Neet were patrolling the river in a boat on the lookout for  his body.  About noon they dropped a little lower over a riffle into an eddy.  It was lucky they did for they at once saw an object over on the sand bar and rowing to it found the body of Cain.  it was in a badly decomposed state, having been in the water 25 days.  His nose and the toes of his shoes had been worn off by the erosion, showing that the body had gradually worked its way down stream over the stony bottom.   The face braised from coming in contact with the rocks and the body was swollen almost to bursting.  The news of the find was at once carried to the stricken relatives and the body taken to the Grant Hyland cemetery and given a decent burial.  Thus ends another chapter in the history  of drownings in Willamette River.”


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