August Fischer – Takes his own life December 22, 1899

Fischer’s Body Found

Near Spencer Butte, Lane County Oregon

On the East Side of Spencer Butte

Had Shot Himself Through the Head with His Rifle and Died Without a Struggle.

The body of August Fischer, the German who disappeared from his home about one-half mile southeast of the Masonic cemetery, on Friday, December 22, was found Friday about 10:40 a.m. by a searching party of farmers organized in the Spencer Butte neighborhood.  The body was found on the south side of Spencer Butte at the head of a draw and in the exact locality where the shot was heard that ended the unfortunate man’s life.

The searching party that went out from Eugene some time ago passed within a quarter of a mile of the body.

When discovered the body was found lying slightly on one side and an ugly rifle wound was found under the chin where the bullet entered.  The ball passed through coming out at the top of the skull.  The face was blackened but the body was found in a good state of preservation.  There was no sign of struggle, the body lying where it fell, with the rifle lying across his arms.

W.A. Blanton brought the news of the find to town this morning and J.W. Kays, the undertaker, sent a coffin out for the body and it will be brought to town this evening.

Those in the party who made the discovery were:  Scott McMurry, Isaac Blanton, N. Blanton, Wm Blanton Jr., Geo. Briggs, Irving Higgins, Jake Parks, Rolla Hubb, John and W.A. Blanton.

The part formed at 8 o’clock this morning in Park’s pasture and begun a systematic search shortly before ten o’clock.  In less than an hour the body was found.

Thus ends the suspense that has hung over the community for nearly a month.

The body will be given a proper burial.”  Eugene Morning Register, Jan 20, 1900, pg. 1, col. 2.  University of Oregon, Knight Library’s Newspaper Collection.

I see the Oregon State Archives in Salem has a copy of August Fischer’s estate papers filed in Lane County.  The State Archives has many important genealogy records that  can be copied and emailed to you for a small fee – or the records can be searched personally at the archives.

Lane County Estate case # 1229


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