Held up by Willamette – Two Eugene Boys Have Adventure!

“Two Eugene Boys Have An Interesting Hunting Experience

Fred Craig and Alva Prichard, two Eugene lads aged about 15 years decided to take a hunt back of Skinner’s Butte Thursday.  They left town in the morning and going down the river crossed over onto a sort of island near where the government snag boat is doing revetment work.  In the meantime the warm rains had swollen the upper river and it began to rise.  In the afternoon the boys returned to the point where they entered the island and found the water too hight to cross.  They fired their guns hoping to attract attention but no one heard them and they were compelled to spend the night on the isle.

Luckily the boys found an old shack that some wood choppers had been occupying.  It contained supplies and from its store they cooked an evening meal and went to bed while their parents spent a restless night.  Yesterday morning they sized up the river and it was still more boisterous.  Finally they caught the attention of a boy passing by.  The lad brought the news to town and yesterday evening Frank Craig and John Hess secured a boat, rowed across the river and rescued the islanders.

The boys are now at home but do not care to be held up by old Willamette a second time.”  Eugene Morning Register, Jan 13, 1900, pg. 4, col. 4. , University of Oregon, Knight Library Newspaper Collection.

The 1900 Federal Census has 16 yr old “Freddie” Craig living at home with his widowed mother Ella Craig and his 24 yr old brother Frank Craig.  Freddie’s father was born in Ohio and his mother born in Illinois. 

The interesting thing about this article is that this area is now all part of the City of Eugene.  The back side of Skinner’s Butte is a park and on the northside of the Willamette is Valley River Center mall.  Another sign of how much the area has grown in the last 100 + years!


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