Bicycle Ordinance in Eugene Oregon – April 1896

“A Good Thing for the Bicycling Fraternity to Paste in Their Hats.


Big Wheel Bicycles 1890’s

Below is given in full sections 1 and 5 of ordinance No. 145, of the City of Eugene.  Section 2 provides that the speed shall not exceed 6 miles per hour and section 3 provides that pedestrians shall in all cases have priority of right of any of sidewalks.

In view of the fact that some of the bicyclist are replenishing the municipal exchequer, probably on account of ignorance of the law it would be well for them to cut this out and keep it handy for reference:

Section 1.  It shall be unlawful to run, at any time, any bicycle, tricycle, cart, wheelbarrow, or had wagon upon any sidewalk in the City of Eugene, except in broad daylight, upon the sidewalks on the south side of all streets running east and west, and upon the sidewalks on the east side of all streets running north and south; provided, that no bicycles, tricycle, cart, wheelbarrow, or hand wagon, except vehicles for and by children, shall be run at any time, on either side of Willamette street, between Twelfth street and the O.& C. railroad track.

Bicycles on the University of Oregon
Campus in Eugene Oregon

Section 5. Any person in charge of any bicycle, tricycle, cart wheelbarrow, or hand wagon who shall run the same against any person while upon any sidewalk in said city, shall, on conviction thereof before the recorder, be fined for the first offense not less than one dollar nor more than five dollars and costs, and for the second offense not less than five nor more that fifteen dollars and costs; and for any subsequent offense not less than ten dollars nor more than fifty dollars and costs.”  The Morning Register (Eugene OR), Apr 3, 1896, pg. 1, col. 1.  University of Oregon Knight Library, Newspaper Collection.

 This month Bicycle Magazine just rated Eugene, Oregon as the 9th most bike friendly city in the United States!  Despite there being miles of dedicated bike paths along the scenic Willamette River and protected bike lanes on many city streets – as it was in 1896 there will always be the conflict between the bicyclist and non-bicyclist!


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