George Milne, 17yrs – Takes His Own Life – Jan 7, 1896

“Found Dead in the Woods

A Revolver in His Hand — An Exploded Cartridge – A Bullet Hole in His Head Tells the Tale.

Yesterday morning at 8 o’clock the body of George Milne, aged 17 years, son of Stuart Milne, who resided five miles west of this city, was found in the woods about a mile back of the house, with a bullet hole through his heart.

Tuesday morning was the last seen of him by any living person so far as known.  Early that morning he informed his people that he was going to the timber where he would engage in sharpening some fence posts.  With these remarks he left the house.  He did not return at the noon hour but nothing was thought of it, as it was supposed that he had stopped to complete his work; but when night came on and he did not return, a member of the household went over to his brother’s house, a short distance away, to ascertain if he had decided to visit them.  His brother not being able to give the desired information, search was immediately instituted, by the members of the family, but they failed to find his whereabouts.

Wednesday morning a searching party started out again still nothing could be learned of  of his mysterious disappearance, although the hunt was on till late that night.  Once again yesterday morning the searching party started out to look for him and about 8 o’clock he was found a short distance beyond where he intended to sharpen posts, lying on his side with a bullet hole through is heart*, an American bull dog, 38 caliper pistol in his hand, and an empty cartridge in the cylinder upon which rested the hammer.

Coroner Harris was immediately summoned, who in company with King Henderson, was soon upon the ground.  Upon examination and inquiry the coroner decided that there was no use of impaneling a jury and turned the remains of the unfortunate boy over to his parents.

While everything goes to show that it is a case of suicide, still there is nothing to show that he had cause for such a rash deed.  He was of good habits and well liked by his acquaintances.  The only known cause the young man may had for committing the deed was a chronic disease from which he suffered at times.”  Eugene Morning Register, Jan 10, 1896, pg. 1, col 5-6.  University of Oregon Knight Library, Newspaper Collection.

*note discrepancy – headline states he had a bullet hole to his head and in the article it states he had a bullet hole to the heart.

Mulkey Cemetery records lists the following: George Milne born Sep 16, 1878 and died Jan 7, 1896.  His father, Stewart Milne born Mar 15, 1838 and died Jul 8, 1925.  His mother, Mary Milne born Jul 9, 1839 and died Mar 3, 1920.


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