Lane Co. Soap Making Company in Eugene Oregon -1896

“A Worthy Enterprise

The Lane County Soap Company Under Full Headway – Turning Out an Excellent Article.

Yesterday a reporter dropped into the establishment of the Lane County Soap Company located on Willamette street between Seventh and Sixth in the Hale block.  Those there employed were all busy at work and soap of various brands was being manufactured and piled around in a most business like manner.

Mr. Butler, one of the managers, very kindly gave the information asked for and stated that it took, in that business the same as in any other, a considerable length of time to get things in running order, and that while there are many improvements to be made in the near future that will add materially to the facilities for the rapid turning out of their numerous brands of soap, still they are more than pleased with their advancement thus far and their future prospects, being quite satisfied that their efforts will results in the building up of a respective business for themselves  and a manufacturing establishment worthy of public notice and patronage.

Thus far, outside of a few trial cases they have not put their brands upon the market, in fact they have only lately gotten into shape so as to be able to supply the demand when their brands are properly introduced.

Pioneer Wash Day!

At the present time they are working on the “Diamond Bleaching Soap” which is claimed to be a very superior article for laundry purposes.  So far as introduced their “Our Choice” laundry soap is giving excellent satisfaction, and they expect it will take its place as one of the standard brands in Oregon as their business progresses.  They are also manufacturing a toilet and laundry soap know[n] as “Crystal Savon,” which is elegantly wrapped, and is considered A1 for laundry purposes.  As soon as they get things in shape they will also manufacture a soap exclusive for toilet purposes.

In all probability one of their best articles is a washing powder which they are compounding.  This is guaranteed to equal, if not surpass, any preparation of the kind now on the market.

This is another business of the manufacturing kind that should be liberally patronized, and will in all probability receive the support of Lane county people.  The Register wishes the new firm complete success.”  Eugene Morning Register, Jan 31, 1896, pg1, col 5.  University of Oregon Knight Library, Newspaper Collection.



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6 Responses to Lane Co. Soap Making Company in Eugene Oregon -1896

  1. olddogmedia says:

    Do you know anything about a guy name Mr. William Putney running a soap company in Lane County around 1872? I’m researching Mohawk Valley news and in the 04-16-1887 newspaper there’s a reference to him starting a soap factory on mill creek. I don’t think he ever did, but wondering if he started it elsewhere. It also says he bought grease from a Mr. Vitus. Not sure if you’ve run across either of those names before.

    • gtoftdahl says:

      I am not familiar with Mr. Putney or Vitus and any soap making done on Mill Creek. There is an index at the UofO of the early Eugene newspapers that the LCC library put together. It is a more topic driven index – rather than a death index that I did. You might check it out, it is on microfiche.
      Mr. Curtis Irish put together an index of Mohawk items – he also might be a good resource.
      Good Luck!

      • jodie says:

        Hi! Vitus is a family from the Hayden Bridge area near Springfield. There is a lane near there named Vitus Lane. That’s about all I know, and I agre mr. Irish’s articles might be of interest. ;*)

      • gtoftdahl says:

        Ah yes, I know where Vitus Lane is.

  2. jodie says:

    Wow! That is awesome! I like your articles a lot! Are you on facebook?

    • gtoftdahl says:

      I am not on facebook – this blog takes all my spare time! I am glad you enjoy my posts! I try to find interesting articles that are a good reflection of life in Lane County at the turn of the last century!

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