Fate of C.M. Martin – Victim of an Accidental Gun Shot

“Shot through the heart

Sewell C. Smith of Thurston was the messenger who brought the sad news to this city about 10 o’clock last night that C.M. Martin of Creswell who has been visiting Mr. Smith at his  home at Thurston had accidentally shot himself through the heart.

Yesterday afternoon, feeling restless, Martin took a double barrel mussle loading shotgun and started in quest of game.  Mr. Smith going as far as a neighbors a short distance away.  Shortly after he had disappeared Mr. Smith heard the report of a gun and remarked that “Clay had killed something.”  As night came on Mr. Smith returned home and did his chores.  After finishing has chores, Mr. Martin not returning, Mr. Smith became uneasy and with this son Frank, started to look Martin up.

They went in the direction in which Mr. Smith had heard the report of the gun previously spoken of and, coming into a swale through which ran a fence, one took one side and the other the other and started up the fence.  They had gone but a short distance when Frank ran upon the body and called to his father.

Mr. Smith hastened to his son and found Martin lying on his back with his feet to the fence and the gun near his side.  Help was procured and the unfortunate man was conveyed to the home of Mr. Smith.

It is thought he crossed the fence and then pulled the gun after him mussle first, when the hammer caught, exploding the cap, driving the charge of shot through his heart.

Mr. Martin was a bright young man and had many friends in this county.  He came upon the coast some 8 years ago coming here about five years since.  He was formerly from Kansas.  [Kossouth and Pleasanton (Kansas) papers please copy.]” Eugene Morning Register, Feb. 1, 1896, pg. 1 col. 5.  University of Oregon Knight Library, Newspaper Collection.

It was not uncommon to see an article that tells other newspapers to copy.  This gives the family  historian an important clue about where other members of his family could be found.


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2 Responses to Fate of C.M. Martin – Victim of an Accidental Gun Shot

  1. jodie says:

    Please keep up with the interesting stories. I really like them!! Btw I’m subscribed to Eugene Lost and Found, the pictorial e-mails but I don’t receive them anymore. It says I’m still subscribed!! Do you get those e-mails? Great job!! Jodie

    • gtoftdahl says:

      I am glad you are enjoying the posts! I have not subscribed to Eugene Lost & Found – so I don’t get their emails.

      Thanks again for subscribing and your nice words.

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