Emma Hubble and Two Sons Drown in Willamette River Accident

“Three Persons Drowned.

Mr. M.S. Hubble of Eugene and wife and two children, while trying to cross a part of the Willamette a short distance below Eugene last Sunday afternoon, from an island where they had been gathering berries, were washed down with the current and their buggy upset.  Mrs. Hubbell and the two children, both boys, were drowned.  Mr. Hubble lodged on a log in an exhausted condition, and was helped out by Mrs. Lamb, who with her husband had crossed out from the island safely just before the Hubbells.  A large number of men from town have been searching and dragging the river for several days for the bodies.  Tuesday evening the body of the oldest boy was found.   Wednesday afternoon at 5 o’clock his funeral took place from the family residence on 11th street in the eastern part of town to the Masonic cemetery; Elder N.B. Alley of the Christian church officiating.  Thursday the body of Mrs. Emma Hubble was found, some distance below where the body of the little boy had been found.  She was born Aug. 26, 1856, and was nearly 33 years old.  The funeral took place Thursday afternoon, from the family residence on 11th street to the Masonic cemetery.  She leaves a husband and three little girls and other relatives to mourn her loss and the death of the two bright little boys.  It was a terrible accident, and the family and friends of the deceased have the sympathy of everybody in this community.  The body of the baby had not been recovered at latest accounts.”  Oregon State Journal (Eugene), July 6, 1889, pg. 5, col. 3.  University of Oregon Newspaper Collection, Knight Library.

Hubble Family Marker -
Masonic Cemetery
Eugene Oregon

I always wonder when I stroll through a cemetery about the lives of those who are buried there, their joys, their sorrows and the circumstances of their death.  I can easily picture this family on a Sunday outing in their carriage.  Mr. and Mrs. Hubble, and their little children riding along in the warm June sunshine enjoying the beauty of the Willamette Valley’s lush county side.  We do not know if the decision to cross the river to the island was part of the planned outing or a last-minute decision, but a decision that most likely haunted Mr. Hubble the rest of his life.  The Masonic Cemetery records list the following burials.  Emma A. born 1858, died 1889, Harrison Hubble born 1889, died 1889. Lee Roy Hubble born 1886, died 1889 and Monroe S. Hubble born 1858 died 1908.

Mr. Hubble’s obituary will be my next post.


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