Police Capture Carload of Beer

“In the Exceedingly Dry Town of Albany


And proceed to confiscate the booze found in near beer joint.

ALBANY [Oregon] Dec 11 [1908] – A drayload of booze was located in legally “dry” Albany this afternoon by local officers who raided two alleged “blind pigs“.  Chief of Police Ries and Officers Munkers raided a “near beer” emporium on Ferry street and besides the stock of near beer on hand they found a large supply of the real article, including four one gallon kegs, one full barrel and three half barrels of bottled beer.  The capture included a large supply of empty bottles and saloon glasses. The officers arrested the proprietor, James Blackburn and his bartender, Frank Patterson.  At the same time this raid was in progress Sheriff Smith and City officer Fox entered the Fashion stables, at second and Washington streets and found a full barrel of bottle beer and another barrel half full, with enough empty bottles on the floor to exactly fill the barrel.  No arrest were made in this place as the proprietor, Albert Peacock was out of the city, driving on a livery trip but a warrant was issued and he will be arrested upon his return to this city tonight.  No whisky was captured in either place.  The officers secured a dray to carry the captured to the City Recorders’ office and was well loaded.  Blackburn and Patterson furnished bonds of $ 150.00 each to appear tomorrow before City Recorder Redfield and answer a charge of violation of a city ordinance, which embodies the provisions of the local option law and also permits the confiscation of captured liquor.”  Eugene Morning Register Dec. 13, 1908, pg. 6.

I thought this story was a good example of current events in the Willamette Valley back in the early 1900’s.



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