Lane County Oregon Poor Farm Annual Report 1908

County Poor Farm

Has 15 patients at present – The Annual Report

“There are now 15 patients cared for at the poor farm at Thurston, according to the annual report filed by Mrs. M.E. Russell, superintendent.  A copy of the report sent to The Register, is as follows: Lane County Poor Farm, Thurston, Oregon –  Patients cared for at present date are as follows:  Jackson Brown, aged 72; S.W. Stattler, aged 76; Susan Freece, aged 53; Pearl Freece, aged 13; James Lamond, aged 59; Miria Dickerson, aged 57; James Sheppard, aged 57; James Pollard, aged 67; J.K. Crabb, aged 83; Andy Cuppy, aged 81; Sarah Snow, aged 67; O.D. Johnson, aged 82; Allen Wallace, aged 60; Monrow Green, aged 64; William McCluskey, aged 69.  Number of patients received during the year, 7.  Number discharged, 3.  MRS M.E. RUSSELL, Superintendent.”  Eugene Morning Register Jan 6, 1909, pg. 3

From the Department of Commerce and Labor Bureau of the Census.  S.N.D North Directory.  Special Reports Paupers in Almshouses 1904.  Government Printing Office 1906.  This report lists the summaries of each state’s poor laws in 1904.  “Oregon – The county courts are vested with entire and exclusive superintendence of the poor in their respective counties.  The parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, brothers, and sisters of a poor person, if of sufficient ability, are liable for his support.  If not, such person becomes a county charge, provided he has been a resident of the county for three months preceding the day on which application from relief was made.  Minors who have become or are likely to become county charges may be apprenticed by the county court to some respectable household.  Expenses for the support of paupers who are not residents of the state are recoverable from the state.  The county court may establish and manage a workhouse for the accommodation and employment of paupers who become county charges.  There is a penalty of $ 100. for bringing paupers into a county wherein they are not lawfully settled.  The almshouses are subject to inspection and report by the state board of charities.”  This was found on


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