Problems with Cougars in Lane County – 1908

Bounty on varmints – Writer thinks $ 20.00 for Cougar little enough

jpmatth/flickr“Vida, OR., Nov. 18 [1908]  — (Editor The Register) – The following argument in favor of a higher bounty on varmints.  A few days ago Al Montgomery missed a number of goats.  Milo Thompson and his dog Chase were sent for, and together with Fred Montgomery went to where they saw something had been running the goats, and let the dog go.  He had gone only about 100 yards when he jumped the cougar which was lying by the goat it had killed.  It was soon put up a tree, and a couple of bullets from their trusty guns ended its career.  It was very fat and measured 8 feet 7 inches in length.  They proceed[ed] to skin it and before they had finished, the dog had a wildcat treed near by, which was also killed   The dog is of Dr. Browns famous varmint dogs; is only two years old, and  has a record of having treed two bear, five cougars and 21 bobcats.  Few people fully realize what one killing of a cougar means toward the protection of deer, but as a cougar must have one deer or more a week, to live, you can see what that means for every cougar that is not killed.  And a great many people suppose that wildcats do not catch deer, but they are mistaken, as they have been caught in the act of killing deer by a number of old hunters on theClinton Little/flickr McKenzie.  But of course, the greatest damage they do is in catching the fawns.  The present bounty of $ 2.50 ought to be left on wildcats, and a bounty of at least $ 20.00 placed on cougars and $ 20.00 or $ 25.00 on gray wolves.  I think as good a protection as we could give the game is a big bounty on varmints, for, instead of their getting scarcer, they are increasing, and they kill many times the deer that all the hunters do.  I believe in a bounty so as to get rid of these varmints as soon as possible.  M.C. F.” Eugene Morning Register Nov. 21, 1908, pg. 3.

In 2010 dollars, the bounty of $ 2.50 would be about $ 60.00.  The proposed bounty on cougars of $ 20-25.00 in 1908 dollars would in 2010 be a bounty of $ 480-600.00!  To calculate historical dollars into present values check this website The Inflation Calculator.

To learn the current rules and regulations about hunting Cougars in Oregon check this link to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.


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