Mrs. S. J. Scott celebrates 80th Birthday Dec 5th, 1908

Eightieth Anniversary

Celebrated by Mrs. S.J. Scott at Creswell.

Creswell [OR], Dec. 7 [1908] — On December 5th, at her home near Creswell, Mrs. S. J. Scott celebrated her eightieth birthday.  Mrs. Scott was born December 5th, 1828, in Shelby county, Ohio, crossed the plains with her father the Rev. William Robinson in 1847 riding the entire distance on horseback.  Of a family of 10 children she and a sister alone remain.  She was married to W. J. Scott March 3, 1850, in Polk county, Oregon, by Rev. Wilbur.  Of all the guests present at the wedding she is the sole survivor.  Her husband died August 1, 1896.  She is the mother of ten children all of whom are living.  Has 34 grandchildren, 27 of whom are living; has 24 great-grandchildren, 21 of whom are living, and has one great great grandchild.  Perhaps the most pleasant feature of the occasion was that her 10 children were all present and partook of the sumptuous dinner she had prepared.  The children present were:  Mrs. B. Timble and Mrs. R.E. Brown of Condon, Or.; Mrs M. J. Landers and Mrs. M.A. Brown of Wash.;  Mrs. C.C. Hazelton of Cottage Grove; Mrs. R.E. Dersham, W.W. Scott, J.R. Scott, S. Scott, and R.F. Scott of Creswell.  Other relatives present were:  Mrs Ann Hubbard, L.W. Riggs and C.C. Hazleton of Cottage Grove; Mrs. Bee Burson of Beulah, Or.; Mrs. Mae Scott, Mrs. R.F. Scott, Miss Mearle Scott, Loyal Scott, R.E. Dersham, Ennis Dersham, Vern Dersham and Hurbert Dersham of Creswell, and Pemberton Brown of Condon, Rev. Stratford was also present with his Camera and succeeded in getting some excellent pictures.  Mrs. Scott is a very active woman of her age and we hope  she may celebrate many more such events.” Eugene Morning  Register, Dec. 9, 1908, pg. 4.

Major birthdays and anniversaries are just as – if not more informative to the family historian as the obituary.  From Mrs. Scott’s birthday celebration article we learn the name of her father and most likely her maiden name, her birthdate and place.  Her marriage date and place and the names of each of her children and death date of her late husband, etc.  Lots and lots of clues for the genealogist!  If you haven’t looked up your ancestors birthdays and anniversaries in the newspaper – you may be missing some important clues in your research!

ps: “…partook of the sumptuous dinner she had prepared”, did anyone else wonder why  on her 80th birthday did this dear lady have to fix dinner for this crowd, shouldn’t they have treated her?  I hope some of her 10 children did the dishes!  While this article is very informative, it is a perfect example of how the tradition of using only a man’s initials instead of his name can be a frustration to the genealogist.


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