Lizzie Luckey – Oregon Pioneer Passes March 23, 1908

Chimney Rock Nebraska – Landmark for Oregon Trail Pioneers

This is one of the many landmarks the pioneers travelling the Oregon Trail looked forward to seeing.  It was also the landmark that signaled the end of the plains and the trek was soon to become much more difficult with the climb up the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains.  Often the pioneers would carve their names and messages into the side.  Elizabeth “Lizzie” Stewart Luckey was just an infant when her parents crossed the plains on the Oregon Trail and when her mother passed away of Cholera on the plains of the Platte in western Nebraska.  Her obituary was found in the Eugene Morning Register, March 24, 1908, pg. 8

“Mrs Lizzie Luckey Died Yesterday –  Passes peacefully Away at 3:40 pm.  The Grim Reaper came to the Luckey home yesterday and took as his own the faithful wife and companion of Joseph S. Luckey.  The struggle for life which has been going on for several days has been an unequal one and through it was fought bravely and valiantly, the inevitable came at 3:40 yesterday afternoon.

Mrs. Elizabeth Caroline Luckey was the daughter of Elisa Steward and Elizabeth England and was born in Buchanan county, Missouri. February 20, 1851, making her age at her death, 57 years, 1 month and 3 days [see explanation below].

In 1852, while yet an infant, she came with her parents across the plains to Oregon.  The mother of the family was taken with Cholera while on the plains of the Platte in Western Nebraska and Lizzie was thus left an orphan very early in life.  They reached Oregon in 1852 and lived on the Calef farm near Springfield until her father purchased part of the Charnel Mulligan donation claim to which they moved and her home has been in Eugene ever since.

July 23, 1871, she was married to J.S. Luckey and her married life has always been a very happy one.  The stricken husband is almost prostrated with grief and no one but God fully knows the depths of sorrow this affliction brings to him.

Besides her husband she leaves two sisters:  Mrs. T.G. Hendricks and Mrs. A. O. Stevens.

The funeral will he held from the residence at corner of East Tenth and Pearl streets at 3 o’clock today.  The service will be conducted by Rev. P.K. Hammond of the Episcopal church and interment will be made in the Masonic cemetery.

Mrs. Luckey was an especial friend of young people and she had a host of friends and admirers among them.  It was therefore deemed proper to select as pall bearers, the following young men who were all her special friends during life:  L.L. and Ray Goodrich, Fred Moullen and Rov Zacharias, George Hug and Gordon Moores.”

Have  you ever wondered how to quickly figure someone’s life duration?  See this website for some examples.  Elizabeth died in Mar 23, 1908 – she was born on Feb 20, 1851.

1908  3  23
1851  2  20
______________ subtract

57 yr  1 m  3 d

It gets a bit more tricky when the bottom numbers are not smaller and the website gives a good example.  Just remember when you are “borrowing” from the months column you bring over “a month of days” and from the years column you are bringing over 12 months.


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