Child Trampled to Death by Runaway Horse

One of the hard things about indexing the deaths from the newspaper is when you come across stories that really tug at the heartstrings.  This is just one of those terribly sad stories.  Having a 4-year-old grandson made it doubly heart breaking.  The article was found in the Eugene Morning Register, Jun 8, 1908, pg. 1.

“Child Killed By Team

Runaway Horse Dashes Across Sidewalk – Playmates Uninjured.  PORTLAND, June 8. – A runaway team belonging to a local department store late today ran over and instantly killed five-year old Kenneth Palmer, son of a laborer, near Grand Avenue and Everett Street.  The child was on the sidewalk near his home and too young to realize his danger.

The saddest part of the accident is that the little fellow’s obedience to his mother’s injunction not to go off the sidewalk cost him his life.  His playmates, who were in the roadway and whom he was watching, [w]ere not hurt.”

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