80 Rattlesnakes killed west of Junction City OR

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

I must admit when I came across this news story in the Eugene Morning Register – it really creeped me out.  I hate snakes.  If I saw one of these rattlers in the wild I would run away screaming like a school girl! 

I know exactly the area where they killed all these snakes.  Granted this news article was from 1908 but I still makes me squirm!  My cousin’s grandmother lived on this side of the Long Tom River West of Junction City and we always got the “snake orientation” as we drove out to her house.  So powerful was the snake warning that I hardly wanted to get out of the car!   She always had a story of her husband shooting one they had seen just last week!

The news article was found in the Eugene Morning Register, May 3, 1908 pg 2 – a reprint from the Junction City Times. 

Killed 80 Rattle Snakes on the Winn Farm

There was a snake killing party on  J.J. Winn’s hill farm across the Long Tom Sunday that was a “rattling” success.  While there are no poisonous snakes in the valley, rattlers abound in great numbers in the hill country northwest of here.  A party consisting of M.L. Barnett, J.J. Winn, Andrew Lewis, Raymond Evans, Kuebel brothers John Dyer and the Smith brothers went out on the date mentioned and succeeded in killing eighty rattle snakes and one hoop snake.  One rattler was killed that measured three and one-half feet, the largest that has been seen in this section for years. “


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