Lane Health Report February 1908

“Corrected from Thursday’s publication of record.

Through an error in bunching the number of deaths in Lane County [Oregon], for February [1908], with the number of contagious diseases, we made it appear there were thirty deaths when there should have been 19.  The corrected report includes two additional contagious disease for February, making a total of 13 for February is as follows:

The Revised Report.  Births – Total 21 of which 11 are male and 10 female.  Deaths – Total 19, from following causes:  accidental 1, burned 1, pneumonia 3, tuberculosis 2, paralysis 3, gastritis 1, paresis 1, spasms 1, bronchitis 2, lagrippe 1, arterio schlerosis 1, cerebral hemorrhage 1, no cause assigned 1.  Contagious Diseases.  Contagious, total 13, as follows:  small pox 9, measles 1, typhoid fever, diphtheria 2.” 

Eugene [Oregon] Morning Register, Mar 7, 1908, pg. 2, col. 2.

The list of contagious diseases noted as the cause of death: TB, Small Pox, Measles, Typhoid Fever and Diphtheria.  For the most part through vaccinations, advanced sanitation and hygiene most of these diseases are extremely rare in our modern society. 

From the last few days in the Eugene Register-Guard, I noted the following reported  causes of death:  Age-related 11, Cancer 7, Heart Disease 4, Unknown 3, Respiratory Failure 2, and Stroke 1, Accidental 1 – I thought it was an interesting comparison.


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