Burroughs Abbott trampled to death by horses

Burroughs Abbott – Pioneer Cemetery (IOOF) Eugene OR

“Horses Trample Man To Death

Not Known Exactly How the Accident Happened.

Injured at 2:30; Died at 9:15

Burroughs Abbott Had Been Living With His Daughter, Mrs. Jos. Schafer, for Some Time.

Borroughs Abbott, the aged father of Mrs. Joseph Schafer, was yesterday afternoon trampled upon by a horse receiving injuries from which he died seven hours later.

Mr. Abbott and his wife have been living with Prof. and Mrs. Schafer for some time.  Yesterday afternoon at about 2:30 Mr. Abbott for some reason went to the Wylie barn where he was keeping their cow.  Just previously Mr. Wylie had put a team in the stall there.  How the accident happened no one knows but at any rate one or both of the horses either from fright or viciousness kicked Mr. Abbott so that he fell to the floor under the horses feet.  Mr Wylie was in the wind mill tower, and hearing the noise hastened to investigate.  Mrs. Schafer and Mrs. Abbott also heard the disturbance and came running. The three together were able to draw Mr. Abbott from under the still flying feet of the horse.  Mr. Wylie hurried for aid to the Divinity school and the injured man was bourne to his room and  Drs. Kuykenhall, Paine and DeBarr, called.

They found that the right arm was broken just above the elbow, the right leg was broken at the hip and also near the knee joint: four ribs over the heart were broken and there were numerous bruises about the head.  The doctors dressed the wounds but could give little hope of the old man’s recovery.  He suffered intensely.  Death came a quarter past nine in the evening.

Mr. Abbott was 75 years old on Nov 8th.  Besides his wife he leaves the following children.  Chas Abbott, Phoenix Arizona, Mrs. Thomas Stamford, Minneapolis; Miss Ida Abbott, Spokane; Mrs. Maud Lundy, Millette, S.D.; Mrs Rose Millican, Aberdeen, S.D.; Mrs. Joe Schafer, Eugene; Byrone Abbott, N.D.

Arrangement for the funeral are being deferred until Prof. Schafer returns from California.”  Eugene Morning Register, Dec 5, 1905, pg. 8. 

Stone reads, “Burroughs Abbott, born October 9, 1830, died December 4, 1905.” Note the discrepancy between the date of birth listed in the news article and the date cut in the head stone.



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