Oregon Game Laws 1907

With Fishing season upon us, I came across this article in the Eugene Morning Register that described the Oregon State Game Laws – as they applied west of the Cascades.  Surprising, all the regulations fit on less than 1/4 of page in the newspaper, unlike the book the State now publishes.  In part some of the 1907 regulations are listed below.

FISH – Trout shall not be caught between November 1 and April 1 (Salmon trout may be caught in tide water any time).  It is unlawful to take them with seine net, wire or other device than a hook and line or to sell them.  The limit is 125 per day.  Those less than five inches long must returned to the water.

EXPLOSIVES or poison must not be used to kill fish of any kind.  Fish must not be taken near any fishway or ladder.

LICENSES – All hunters (except persons and their families on their own land) must have a license, issued by the county clerk and carry the same with them while hunting.  Resident hunters $ 1.00; non-resident $ 10.00.*

DEER – Deer shall not be killed between November 1 and August 15, following; nor between one hour after sunset and one half hour before sunrise.  Dogs shall not be used in hunting deer at any time.  Deer can not be killed or captured from November 1 to September 1 following.   Spotted fawn shall not be killed at any time.  Each hunter is limited to five deer per season and deer hides shall not be sold or transported for sale, except when legally tagged.

WATER FOWLS – Geese, swan, and ducks shall not be killed from February 1 to September 1 (except in Coos county between August 1 and February 1). The limit is 50 per week.  No sink box or swivel gun shall be used to kill geese,  swans or ducks or any blind more than a 100 feet from the shore.  No shooting nor building first near feeding grounds between one hour after sunset and one-half hour before sunrise. 

*In 2009 dollars, a hunting license would cost $ 23.50 and a non-resident license would be $ 235.00.  Today the hunter regulation manual is 104 pages long!  The current Oregon hunting license is $ 29.50 and $140.50 for a non-resident.  In addition the deer tag is $ 24.50 and $ 375.50 for non-resident.  So you can see the 1907 hunting license was a bargain!



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