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Recently I came across an article that was published in a small newspaper in Northern Denmark.  My aunt & uncle were preparing to make a trip to Denmark and to the family farm.  The farm has been in our family for since the late 1700’s.  They wanted to meet  family members still living in the area.

They contacted a known family member and a brief article was placed in the local newspaper. This research  method is  effective when your ancestors lived in a small town.  Local newspapers are very interested in human interest stories such as this to publish. 

Put together a brief history of your family in the area.  Summarize what you are trying to learn, such as  known living descendents or those who may have known your family.  Make it easy to contact you via email or give your mailing address.  With a bit of effort you could gain big rewards! 

To find the names of newspapers publishing in a small town where your family came from – see the website, US Newspapers List.  Click on the state and then the town of interest.  



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