Early Divorces were Sensational News!

“Suit for Divorce CommencedMary Goodrich filed her complaint against her husband, David Goodrich, asking for the circuit court to release her from the marriage vow, taken on the 2d day of April 1887 and stating that defendant had been guilty of  such cruel and inhuman treatment towards her that her life, as his wife has been miserable, burdensome and unhappy.  She goes into detail in setting forth his acts of inhuman treatment, giving liquor credit for his actions.  C.M. Kissinger is her attorney.”
Unlike modern newspaper listings for divorces  granted, newspapers published early in the last century were much more colorful in their announcements!  Today almost all divorces are granted under the generic term “irreconcilable differences”.   Historically our private lives were much more public in days of the horse and carriage.  The sensational tones of  little articles like this helped sell newspapers and we get  a better feel for life in the early 1900’s.
Do you have a record of a divorce in your family history?  Court documents?  Search the old newspapers  around the date the complaint was filed and when the divorce was granted.  Knowing the good and the – not so good – about our families, helps us better understand our ancestors, and the  joys and sorrows of their lives. 

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