U of O Knight Library’s Newspaper Collection

"University of Oregon Knight Library"
University of Oregon’s Knight Library

 As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I stumbled upon the University of Oregon‘s Newspaper Collection when I was attending  back in the early 1980s.  The collection is amazing – recognized as the most extensive collection of Oregon newspapers.

The library maintains over 30,000 rolls of microfilm – arranged by city of publication and then title of the newspaper.    When I started researching the microfilm photocopy machines still produced “wet” copies.  Today you can read the microfilm  on a computer screen and articles can easily saved to a .pdf file and emailed home.  Hard copies can still be printed for a small fee, but the scan feature is convenient and saves having to have change or a copy card.


This link will get you to the University of Oregon’s listing of newspapers they have on file.  The collection continues to grow as more papers are found and filmed.  If you are in the Eugene area you can visit the library personally – during the academic year the hours are long so you have time for some serious researching.  Films can also be brought to you through inter-library loan.  I can also be hired to search a newspaper for you, see my “about” page for details.

When visiting the University library, be warned the parking is a real pain.  Parking meters surround the campus and some new meters will even take your bank card.  The adjacent neighborhoods have limited free parking for 2 hours.  So be ready with some quarters.  After 6pm parking is free! If you visit when the school is not in session, parking is much easier, but the library has limited hours.  Check their website before making the trip.


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