Grover Littlejohn dies of Typhoid Fever

Grover Littlejohn

Headstone – Eugene Pioneer Cemetery (IOOF)
Headstone reads:
Grover Littlejohn Dec 28, 1886 – Nov 28, 1905.
Eugene Morning Register Nov. 24, 1905, pg 4.
Grover Littlejohn, a young man of twenty years who was brought from Walterville a month ago to the Eugene Hospital with typhoid fever, died last night at seven o’clock, as a result of continued  hemorrhage.  The young man was from the east and a brother, Floyd Littlejohn lives in Lewiston Illinois, a sister, Mrs. H.E. Moore at San Francisco and another sister at Pine Idaho.  The deceased was employed at Walterville by Montgomery Bros.  The body will be held until  orders from his relatives regarding its disposal.”
Grover Littlejohn died of typhoid fever – definitely not a common disease  in today’s modern society – though still a problem in third world countries.   In reading old obituaries we can come across ailments or diseases that our ancestors died from, but the names may not be familiar to us. I found a great webpage that gives a quick definition of many of the old-time disease names found in historical obituaries – Old Time Disease Names. Here are a few ailments that I have seen in my research:
Bright’s disease – inflammation of the kidney
La grippe – influenza
Consumption – tuberculosis
Milk sickness – eating milk products of cattle who have eaten poisonous weeds.
Summer complaint – diarrhea, usually in infants
Brain fever – meningitis
Dropsy – swelling caused by kidney or heart disease

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