Jack the Peeper in Town


“A “Jack the Peeper” in Town – Sunday night a prominent lady in the east part of town had an experience that caused a nervous shock that will not be forgotten very soon.  She was preparing to retire for the night and had raised the window to allow good ventilation in her room.  Suddenly the blind was raised by some lecherous scoundrel and an insulting remark made to her from the darkness.  She screamed lustily and the fellow vamoosed so quickly she got no view of his face.  She is inclined to think it was some hobo or tramp as the voice was not one she had ever heard before.  It is a pity our police could not get hold of such a prowler and summary justice be meted out to him. The lady was so wrought up she did not sleep all night.”

Eugene Morning Register, Feb 12, 1907, pg. 8 col. 4.

This little news article caught my eye, I thought it was a great example of the style of writing for the newspapers in the early 1900’s.  I especially liked the phrases such as “lecherous scoundrel…screamed lustily…the fellow vamoosed!”  The reporter paints  vivid picture of this event – I can almost see this woman sitting in her parlor the next day describing the night’s unwelcome visitor to her bedroom window. 


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