Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!  How do we find newspapers that correspond  with the important dates and places of your ancestors? http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/search/titles/  This link is to the Library of Congress’ webpage “Chronicling America” where you can do a newspaper search.  This is extremely helpful to find those newspapers that may contain articles, obituaries and other newsworthy events about your family.  It is a very simple sight to use.  Enter the state you are researching, the city and if you want to narrow the search you can add a date range.  The directory will give you a listings of  newspapers for that city and most importantly where you can find those papers.  At that point you have basically four options.

  1. Bring the newspaper film to you through inter-library loan.
  2. Hire a researcher to read the film for you.
  3. Visit the library that has the microfilm.
  4. See if there is an online digital version  you can search.

Two cities I searched were, Junction City, OR and found several newspapers and then I entered Brush CO.  This is were many of the Danes lived before moving to Junction City.  

Another search feature is the language selection.  It will list published foreign language newspapers in the United States.  I searched for Danish newspapers and found that there was a newspaper printed in Denver Colorado.  While Denver is about 50 miles away from Brush where many of my family members lived for a while – the Denver Danish newspaper may have had a “Brush” news column.  While it is a long shot – it is worth a look.  Often long shots can prove very fruitful – but you have to look!

Take some time to play around with the Library of Congress website.  It is full of good information on finding historical newspapers.




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